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Oh hey! Nice to meet you!


I'm Emma Johnson, a full-time adventurer, explorer, and wedding photographer. I document couples all over the world, and want to help you tell your love story. You can expect me to be more than your photographer, because I want more so to be your friend. I want to jump in the air in excitement on your big day, I want to hear your deep stories of when you knew you were in love, and I want to be an extra set of hands while you plan the most special day of your lives. I also want to text you cute pictures of dogs and gifs that make me laugh during the months in between to remind you that I am here for you no matter what.


The photos I want to take are the ones where you are lost in each other. I want to see you at your most vulnerable, when all walls are down. I want to see all the tender ways in which you hold each other; when you're sad, when you're happy, or when you feel scared. I want to see you melt into each others arms, and I also want to see you laughing your hardest. I want to see genuine emotion, the way your eyes squint when you giggle, and the way you smile at each other when you play.


Expect to go on mini road trips and hikes with me. I love adventures, so I hope you do too! We're going to explore the world together, and have an amazing time doing it.