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What I'm about


Hello! I am so happy that you are here reading this.

My name is Emma Johnson, a Las Vegas-native now residing in the heart of the Midwest – Kansas City. I am a full time photographer, also working as a photo stylist for Hallmark (yes, the greeting card company, no, I can't get you discounts on cards). My job there is to basically help dress up puppies in cute little costumes and style environments for faux families. It’s basically the best job ever.


You could call me an Oreo addict, a dog lover, a Buffy the Vampire Slayer fanatic, a Disney enthusiast, and arguably the biggest fan of Harry Potter. I love to be goofy and I typically spend most days annoying the crap out of my boyfriend Garrett. We live together in a cute bungalow-looking home right outside the city. Together we argue over what to eat for dinner and what to watch on Netflix, but he is my best friend and someone who encourages me to get better everyday.


I have been a freelance photographer for over two years now. I graduated from the University of Kansas two years ago, where I also minored in Business, Art History, and Creative Writing. After graduating I started doing lifestyle photography for different brands and companies, but what really got me passionate about picking up my camera was photographing love, relationships, and passion. It makes me so incredibly happy to send off a session and see how excited my clients are when they see themselves together so in love.


I love to shoot people who aren’t afraid to adventure. Those that are willing to get a little dirty and hike a mountain with me for the perfect shot. Who will laugh with me when I try to direct you with my weird scenarios and knock knock jokes. I love couples that are so in love they don’t even think of any possible awkwardness of the surroundings, they only care that they are together. All of this mixed together makes some serious photo magic, and I want to make that with you!