Motorcycles and a Missouri Sunset

I'm pretty sure I get to take pictures of the coolest people. Ross and Mariel are newly married, live in KC, are cute AF together, ride motorcycles, and they have a 15-year-old pomeranian named Chou Chou. On Sunday we all packed in their Jeep and trailered out 2 of their 4 motorcycles to the middle of rural Missouri. We climbed fences, ran in cow fields, almost stepped in cow poop, and rode around on their little Honda 175. Everyone who drove by us stopped to ask if we were lost or needed help, as if they could tell we weren't from here. 

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Engagements At The Seven Magic Mountains

A year or so ago, an artist made a rainbow rock installation in the middle of nowhere desert between Las Vegas and California. Since then it has been a place to be adventured by tourist. Until this day I have only seen these 7 rock installations on my trek to and from LA. 

When I got a message from Morgan, a childhood friend, and volleyball teammate, about doing photos of her and her husband I originally told her that we were going to Jean, NV. A small town, that I'm not even sure is a town. It was 5:45 am when I texted her saying, "Change of plans! The seven Magic Mountains are on the way to Jean, lets start there!" 

Safe to say, we had too much fun with these playful rainbow rocks, that we didn't have time to make it to jean before the sun came up. I'm not mad, and I don't Morgan and her husband Garrett are either.

Here's what our 6 am looked like!

Midwestern Engagements with Shelby and Jordan

Daylight savings has really put a dent in my schedule! With it getting darker faster, I need to start my shoots at 3:30 pm. Thankfully, Shelby and Jordan made adjustments in their work schedules to make it for sunset. Trust me folks, using that time early in the night before it gets dark is totally worth it if you really want to get the most out of your engagement session.

Chris and Allie Tie the Knot

Two super cute humans got married last month in a garden. It was absolutely perfect. They cried happy tears for their love being finally united, and sad tears for the loss of a friend who passed just the night before while battling cancer. It was truly the most beautiful ceremony of their love, and memorial of their dear friend. I am so honored to have even been there to witness such raw emotion.

Also, shout out to Allie who taught me and the other guest to Irish dance! What a good time.

Rainy Wedding Day Feels

Kevin and Paige tied the knot on one of the rainiest days I have ever experienced in the midwest. Of course, it was a beautiful outdoor ceremony and reception, but the rain didn't stop them from moving forward and enjoying the day.

They were the most happy of humans this day. They weren't worried about getting wet, slipping, getting their hairs ruined, or any of the other things people obsess about on their wedding. They just laughed and embraced the flaws in the weather. 

This might be crazy, but I feel like the storm made this wedding so much more fun! People were literally dancing in the rain barefoot, it was so freeing and wonderful. There were so many smiles, laughs, and hugs. I am truly so honored to have been not only present, but to have been their photographer. This day proved to me that weddings are so much more than pretty dresses, perfect hair, and an Instagram worthy reception. Kevin and Paige were just so stoked to be married. It was so apparent by the way they laughed and smiled at each other all day. I'm not exaggerating when I say that they truly looked like the happiest couple I have ever seen.

Check out pictures from Kevin and Paige raining and perfect wedding!

Total Eclipse Of The Heart

Jessie and Liz have been together for years. They were best friends before officially becoming each others person. Currently they are still best friends, but they have a love for one another that is so fun, tender, and rooted. They are peanut butter and jelly, fries and ketchup, Ron and Hermione, and all the other things that go perfectly together.

When they were telling me about their wedding I immediately was like, "Wait... I need to shoot this. I really think I NEED to." They wanted to get married on the day of the Solar Eclipse, in a sunflower field, by a shaman, with their dog as a groomsman, and Jessie specifically wanted to wear an all white suit. I've never been to a wedding like this before. It was pouring like crazy early that morning, which added some stress to us, but as we waited it turned into the most beautiful weather and sky. It was so easy and fun. It was like the wedding from Braveheart, and I totally wanted to cry happy tears.

Here are some pics from their wild day..