An Intimate Spanish Wedding in Ronda, Spain

I got back from Spain on Sunday and I am seriously missing it. I promise I’m not just being dramatic, but most things are better over there. It’s cheaper, the wine is better, the food is some of the best I’ve ever had, the architecture is incredible, and the people are so wonderful. Most nights I was out till 3am just hanging out with new friends drinking cava. It’s a country full of so much beauty and full of people craving human connection. A huge part of me wants to just pick up and move there, it felt so homey to me.

I had the privilege last week to shoot a wedding with such an incredible team in Ronda Spain. The couple, Andrew and Ferrah, are from Los Angeles and decided to have an intimate wedding in the backyard of a beautiful country estate with 30 of their closest family and friends. This wedding was so beautiful, Open The Door Events really killed it with the decor and planning. I felt so fancy just being there!