Austin and Haley / Austin, Texas

Hi Friends, meet Austin and Haley.

I met Austin and Haley last year at my friends Mackenzie and Kyle's Wedding in Austin TX. We sat down next to each other at the reception and bonded over skateboarding, living in California, and wedding cakes. They have been together for almost 8 years and are still so obsessed with each other that at points it brings tears to my eyes. Seriously, you should find their wedding video on the internet.. it'll bring actual tears to your eyeballs.

That night of the wedding we exchanged numbers and social handles and I mean it when I say that Haley and I text almost every single day. She is my human, and I am going to force her and Austin to be my friends for the rest of my life. 

I visited Austin, TX last week for my birthday so I could be with Mack, Kyle, Austin, and Haley. We didn't do much, but their company brought so much joy to my life. One night at Austin and Haleys we had a game night. I ate 6 slices of Homeslice pizza, and took slo mo video of Mackenzie pouring chocolate sauce in her mouth. Haley was just in the background trying to play card games like OKAY YOU FREAKS! It was magical, and I truly believe my form of heaven would be repeating my night with those four people all over again. 

SO LET ME GET TO THE POINT AND SET THE SCENE FOR THESE PICS. On this morning Haley came out of her cave in the sexiest silk robe... I would say that this was for show, but Haley likes up like a goddamn goddess everyday. I've stayed with her in her house, this is true... and its really fucking annoying. After I stopped drooling over Haley's goddess like persona, I made her put on clothes... sorry guys, no naked pics of Haley. We made our way outside were her and Austin began to enjoy a slowish morning with their angel of a pup Tater. He is honestly one of the greatest living creatures I have ever met, and probably the actual reason I visited Austin, TX.

After we were done, Haley left for work... and Austin and I learned how to do the floss... it was magical.