Baili and Justin / Smithville Missouri

Here in Kansas City it’s hard to keep locations fresh and ideas new. I try really hard to take long drives around the area to cover new ground and grab on to some new ideas for my couples. For Baili and Justin, I just felt like they needed space to be wild and roam around. Thirty minutes north of Kansas City is Smithville, and it is literally a giant pile of beautiful land that I still feel like I haven’t seen all of. I feel like I just want to tell my couples to get in my car and take a drive with me and pull over at whatever random piece of scenery I see has potential. With these photos, I just found that perfect patch of tall grass and it was magic. What was even more magical was allowing these guys to be 100% themselves. I want to stop caring about making all this trendy art for social media and really dig deep into peoples lives to really execute photos that are the visual representation of who they are together.

So… creep below for Baili (pronounce Bailey not Bali) and Justin’s Engagement Session.