Brittany and Scott / Kansas City

Y’all 2018 got the best of me. I was too busy to update my website, update my photo journal, and start marketing for 2020. It was something that was really getting me down because I just felt like there really wasn’t enough hours in the day. So beginning of the year I made some decisions. I was going to hire someone to help me with my website, with blogging, and with editing so I can crank out everyone’s weddings on the months where I have 5 + weddings. I’m going to prioritize my time to where I spend an hour twice a week blogging and updating all the work on my website. It’s so important, and I know I have failed at truly investing all my time in showing off my work.

I’m excited to change up some things this year and make my business more efficient. I have loved seeing the growth from year to year and I’m excited to see where having the extra pair of hands will help me by the end of 2019.

Here’s an engagement session I shot in Kansas City from this past fall.