Caroline and Jacob / Marrakech

I’ve been so MIA with blogging. It’s something I’ve been meaning to do but haven’t had the time to do it. I’ve recently been in Zurich, Morocco, and Ireland and a few states in between from January till March. I’ve been immersed into so many new experiences and have taken some photos that I am over the moon about. This session below is from my Riad in Marrakesh with Caroline and Jacob. Recently, I’ve been super passionate about telling a story of a couple in a place. With the destination weddings I’m shooting I want to be able to show why this couple chose this location and why its special to them. There’s something about a place that a person resonates with and I want that to be part of my job to visually project that.

So here is Caroline and Jacob at the Riad Chamali. They are passionate about each other and passionate about traveling, warm places, and beautiful spaces. They’re playful nature is what attracted me to them so much. They are so in love with each other that they can’t help being corky, playful, and intimate with each other. It was so nature to them to snuggle up by the water and enjoy the morning swim.