Daniel and Selena's San Francisco Engagement Session

I am finally back in Kansas City! Finally back in my large king bed, finally back in my old clothes, back in my high boots, back to showering consistently, and most importantly I am back to my routine... but not for long.. I leave for San Diego for a Wedding on Friday then leave for Cancun on Sunday. Living slowly has never been my style and I honestly think I could live this kind of life for the rest of my days. There's something about living out of a suitcase and indulging in new ways of living that fascinates me.

When I was in San Francisco last week I shot photos of Selena and Daniel. They have three kids.... I repeat THEY HAVE THREE KIDS! Seriously, I think I looked at them and said, "You guys are the hottest parents ever..." They drove all the way down from Sacramento to climb on the bay area rocks together and tell me their love story. It was awesome, and I am so stoked on how foggy and unreal some of these photos look.