Dave and Katrina / Malibu Rocky Oaks

Holy. Freaking. Moly... There are so many words to say about this couple and their wedding. I first met them via skype when I was in Thailand in March. They live in Sydney Australia, so our times zones worked out for us to chat. In a way I think it was fate! They found me through a random photo on Junebug and said they instantly had a connection with my work. Talking to them was like talking to old friends, and I felt like I was on skype with them for over an hour just chatting about life, travel, and food. OH, before I forget to mention it... Dave proposed to Katrina by getting a bunch of puppies to linger around their apartment for her to come home to. The video is hilarious, it's literally Katrina walking in and freaking out because there are puppies everywhere. Then after a few moments Dave proposes. So yeah, if that isnt the best proposal story you've ever hear then damn, write in the comments what tops that.

I met them in Malibu for their wedding two weeks ago. They both welcomed me with open arms, it was like we've known each other for years, everything was so comfortable with them. Even their families were so warm and comforting. By the end of the night I was begging Katrina's mother to adopt me, she was that sweet and motherly I couldn't even take it. 

Their wedding was at a winery at the top of a mountain in Malibu. Note to all the future attendee's of Malibu Rocky Oaks, do not try to drive up there in a manual, you are literally driving at an incline. BUT once you are up there your jaw will drop. There are views for days and you will probably spend most of the night taking pictures of your self in the Malibu mountains.

Katrina planned this wedding herself and orchestrated all the decor for it. It was so elegant I felt so fabulous to have even photographed it. There were flowers in the ice and all the cocktails looked like the fancy $17 ones you'd get from a hipster bar in LA. And don't even get me started on the food.... they had baked mac n cheese... need I say more?

But the one thing that stuck with me this day was how effortlessly in love Dave and Katrina were. They were best friends, soul mates, and forever each others light. I cried almost every time they looked at each other with such affection and warmth. It made me realize that relationships don't have to be hard, and if you are patient enough you can find someone who makes everything in life easier and happier. They were each others peanut butter to the jelly or ketchup to the fries. It was truly beautiful seeing two people so in love like that.

Check out their day below!