Jordan and Shelby / The Legacy Green Hills

There is so much to say about this day! Shelby and Jordan are such special people, I truly felt like I could be myself around them. And for a wedding photographer, to me that is huge! I want to have a connection with people and bond with whoever's in front of my camera. I feel like its so hard to direct a subject when you have nothing to relate to with them or if either parties feel uncomfortable. I mean, I am lucky in that I have never had a bad experience with any of my clients. When people ask me things like, " How do you get your couples to move and look so carefree / spontaneous?" My answer: It's all about building a connection. I don't just meet these people the day of their wedding. We have meetings to see if were a good fit for each other and I shoot their engagements so they know what to expect the day of their wedding. Nothing is rushed and I don't consider my clients "People who pay me lots of money to shoot their wedding," I consider them friends that I can curse around, tell my dad jokes to, and be completely open and free with.

Anyways, back to being on topic! Jordan and Shelby got married two weeks ago and that wedding was stunning. There was so much attention to details and so much thought as to how to make this wedding a real celebration with their family, friends, and dog Lola. Lola is their King Charles Cavalier that stole my heart as Jordans sister walked her down the isle #goals. At their reception they had a live band which I would 10/10 recommend for any wedding! Live bands are the shit and really get the party started (but if you are looking for a DJ know some super sick DJ's in the KC area, so if you want a DJ hit me up and I'll tell you whats good.) They had pizza delivered after 9:30pm when people were shit faced, dancing, and hungry again. THAT was a freaking dream and honestly the most genius thing to happen at a wedding.

Besides those obvious highlights of the day, the ceremony was beautiful, and I teared up as Shelby cried her way through her vows to Jordan, and as Jordan's mom snuggled by her son as he walked her down the isle. Their families were so supportive of this day and that was such a beautiful thing to see. Jordan's mom even came up to me during the reception to give me a hug and tell me thank you for photographing her children. I was so touched that I got butterflies in my stomach.

Case and point; I hope these photos hit you right in the feels!