Juan and Jordan / Dalhonega Georgia

I remember Jordan booking me while I was at an Olive Garden around Christmas time 2017 (lol yes, Olive Garden is legit one of my favorite restaurants, SO SUE ME!). I was so happy that someone so far away from Kansas City would trust me to be there and shoot their beautiful wedding at White Oak Barns in Dahlonega GA. From there she send me photos of her and Juan while she told me the story of how Juan patiently pursued her for five years. I loved how she told me they were awkward and needed help with being comfortable in front of a camera, while also sending me goofy pics of the two of them. None of the photots she sent were serious, they all were a mix of them making funny faces at the camera or laughing. I knew that these people were my kind of people! But what really took my breath away was that Jordan told me this, "A lot of people are taken aback by how we are getting married at 23/24 but we are both under the impression that we aren’t all guaranteed an 80 year life, so might as well start our adventure now and find joy in whatever time we have." I just felt like... woah, what they have is so true and so real that all I want is to make sure that they have the most beautiful wedding photos ever to remember how deep and real their love is for each other.

 So two Saturday's ago me and my second shooter Emily drove all the way from Kansas City Missouri to Dalhonega GA to photograph their wedding. For some reason, flying out of KC is so expensive to Georgia, so we decided to make a road trip out of it. We stopped in St. Louis MO on the first night then drove to Nashville Tennessee where we stayed with my friends Liz and Dustin. We enjoyed pre wedding cocktails at The Flamingo Club and ended the night cringing while we watched Ingrid Goes West. It's such a good movie, if you haven't seen it then watch it ASAP.

The next day we met Jordan and Juan ready to do their first look. They were so calm and collected about everything. They had an incredible support system that included 9 bridesmaids and groomsmen. I was like DAMN y'all have lots of friends! At first I was a little nervous about wrangling twenty people together for photos, but this group was so easy, fun, and kind. I am not kidding when I say most wedding parties suck... I'm sorry, but they do. A lot of the groomsmen are frustrating, drunk, loud, and obnoxious. Getting them to pose for a photo and understand the difference between a 90 degree turn and a 45 degree turn is like wrangling newborn devil puppies into staying in a straight line. But for real, this group was THE BEST and I was so lucky to have worked with everyone. Not to mention, everyone... like really EVERYONE thanked me for being there. It made my heart melt.

The wedding was on a stunning piece of land called White Oak Barns in the middle of wine country Georgia. The ceremony was so beautiful, I remember tearing up while I watched Juan's family walk down the isle in tears followed by Jordans father escorting her. Honestly though, the whole thing was one big cry fest. I have so many photos just of happy tears during this ceremony. Everyone was just so happy that these two made it and can now finally be together the way that they have always wanted.

Check out their wedding below!