Julia and Daniel / West Bottoms Kansas City

Guys…. this wedding is why I love my job. Not because it was held in the Hobbs building down in the West Bottoms of Kansas City WHICH I AM OBSESSED WITH but because I called Julia the day before her wedding to go over any wedding day concerns and she just said, “Just do whatever you wanna do, I trust you.” Instead of giving me a list of Pinterest photos she wanted (which I find very rude when people do that. It’s like going to a painter and telling them how you want them to paint you instead of letting the artist do what they do) she gave me free range to shoot what I wanted to shoot, how I wanted to shoot it, and also having us go to any locations that I think would be best for photos. I literally had us stop at a parking lot that I thought the light looked amazing on and she didn’t question me at all… and that is my DREAM CLIENT. The ones that know that I am going to give them some good shit and doesn’t try to tell me what they want by showing me other peoples work they found online. I am pretty stoked on how these turned out because I feel like they have sooo much emotion and so much character which is what I want my photos to exude. I aim to tell YOUR story, and if you give me the ability to do that then I think I’ll kick ass at doing just that!

Check out their wedding below!