Kansas City Creative Lily Dawson Portrait Session

Man, it was nice to kind of switch it up yesterday with my pal Lily Dawson. Lily is a talented and wonderful jewlery designer here in Kansas City, if you live around the area I'm sure you've seen her stuff around! Or, if you follow me on instagram I am always wearing her creations! They are magnificent and you should 100% buy stuff from her!

A few days ago Lily asked me about taking some portraits of her for Made In KC magazine, where they are featuring her awesomeness. We met up yesterday, and after giving each other the biggest warm hug, we got started. We set aside about 2 hours so I could play and experiment. I wanted to create some more unique stuff than the typical portrait, so we curated the spot a bit. We played with plants, rugs, and slow shutters. It was so fun. If you are a beginner photographer I suggest just getting an open-minded friend and a cool location and just being weird and taking pics for a couple hours. It'll open your mind up so much more than going into it quick and raw. (That's what she said?)

I think Lily made me want to offer portrait sessions! What do you guys think?