Kayti and Josh / Smithville MO

With the weather warming up here in Kansas City it’s safe to say I’ll be spending most of my days outside. Currently as I write this my windows are open in my apartment and I’m letting the morning air flow through my studio. April is my busiest month since this is the month everyone wants to get married and get their engagements taken. I don’t blame them, it’s beautiful outside. Everything is better when the weather is nice.

Kayti and Josh met me in the middle of Missouri last week for their engagements. The sun was setting just right as we got pulled over for trespassing. Whoops, that was my fault! I like breaking the rules for the perfect location. I was able to talk the cop into giving up 45 minutes to photo as the sun went down, and bless his heart for letting us. We watched the sun go down as Kayti and Josh laughed, talked about how they first met, and why they want to spend forever together. Kansas City can be so daunting with our extreme temperatures, but that night was perfect even as the sun faded into a soft pink below the horizon. It was such a beautiful reminder of how much I love living in the midwest.