Kyle and Mackenzie's Austin Texas In-Home Session

Hey there my people!

So I was in Austin last week and oh man, after all the shit weather in Kansas City I was in need of a little trip to beautiful sunny Texas. The 70 degree weather was seriously what I needed to get me out of the season depression I was sulking in. Kansas City has seriously had the worst weather. It is either cold AF or its snowing or icy. I just cannot live my life that way, I need warm!

Austin Texas is one of my favorite cities with some of my favorite people. Two of those people being Kyle and Mackenzie. They recently got married near the city in September, and have been living the dream ever since. If you meet them you'll probably hate them because they are 1. Absolutely wonderful human beings 2. HOT AS SHIT and 3. The most insanely in love couple you will ever meet. I'm not just saying that seriously they are always all over each other. I know you're probably thinking, "Well they're just in the honeymoon phase..." and I am here to say that no... no they are not. They have been together for almost 3 years and are still crazy obsessed with each other.  

They are moving out of their first home as a married couple soon and so while I was staying with them I thought it would be appropriate to take some images of them just being them in their tiny and beautiful home. It was 7 am and honestly the best thing I have ever woken up that early for. They are just such a reflection of what a loving relationship is like.

Sneak our session here!