Lauren and Mike / Downtown Kansas City

Featured today is Mike and Lauren’s five year love story. When I got the inquiry for this wedding Lauren had wrote in the section of my contact form where it says “How did you meet” this lovely gem of a story: “He was my bitch on a video shoot site. And the rest was history.”

From there, I knew we were soul mates and that working together would be magic. We met for beer’s after she reached out and I was so attracted to how fun they were together and also how apparent it was that they loved each other.

Their wedding barely had a timeline. It didn’t have any crazy planning. They kept it simple and about them, refusing to let anything stress them out and hinder them from enjoying a moment they have been waiting for for years. My favorite part of the day was when Lauren and Mike had their first look. Mike turned around and covered his mouth and said, “You look fucking hot!” It was so on brand to what their relationship was and looked like. I know that they have been together for five years, but on this day I felt like I was seeing it from the beginning. They are so passionate about each other, but first and foremost they are the closest of friends.

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