Nate and Kayla / One Year Later in Amsterdam

Recently I just got home from traveling around Scotland, Ireland, Amsterdam, and London. I made the trip over to shoot a wedding with my dear friend Belle and Epic in Dublin, then to run a marathon in Edinburgh, then to shoot Kayla and Nates 1 year photos in Amsterdam. It worked out so well when I announced I was going to Dublin for a wedding, because around that time Kayla and Nate would be traveling around Europe. We decided to meet in Amsterdam since it was one of their favorite cities they have ever seen, and because I have never been. 

Amsterdam is magical. Its full of some of the hottest people I have ever seen, some of the best food I have ever ate, and to some of the craziest nights I have ever experienced. Most days I would ride my bike with no destination in mind just to enjoy the scenery and explore. I was truly obsessed and am forever dreaming of the next time someone hires me to shoot pictures there.. or pretty much anywhere for that matter! So dear peoples, if you wanna get married some place abroad, do a one year, vow renewal, whatever! Hit me the heck up and I will totally tag along!

Check out our session below!