Shawn and Karianna's Austin Texas Engagement Session

So let me just start by saying that Shawn and Karianna might be some of my favorite humans I have ever met. The first time I met them via facetime I was obsessed with them. Shawn is by far one of the goofiest and most genuine humans I have ever met (he's also in the armed forces which is badass), and Karianna is just the sweetest most considerate and loving person. Together they make the most epic duo, and I am so stoked that I get to photograph their wedding this year!

One of the reasons I am a wedding photographer is because I just want people to see themselves in the most positive and genuine light. I want people to see how much they glow when they are around their human. I want people to shed tears when they physically can see how in love they are with that person. After I sent this session off to Karianna and Shawn I got an email from Karianna that put me in tears... actually it was more like a happy sob. I wanted to share it here because I think its just proof in why building that relationship between photographer and client is so important. As a wedding photographer we have a SUPER IMPORTANT job; to capture the genuine moments of the most special time in someones life. I get so excited whenever I feel like I do that successfully, because what gives me joy is making photos that can be cherished...

Thank you Karianna and Shawn for the most amazing time in Austin! It was so hard coming back to Kansas City after we enjoyed the 70 degree weather together.

I’m seriously on the verge of tears. You have seriously out done yourself. I’m literally in awe of these photographs. Words can’t describe how unbelievably happy and impressed I am. I was tempted to go wake up Shawn so he could see them. Literally wow! You have simply exceeded ALL expectations and delivered everything we wanted and more. You have such a gift and we are so lucky to have found you. I couldn’t imagine a more fitting or fabulous photographer. So from the bottom of my heart, thank you for capturing our love so beautifully. I can’t not wait to showcase these on our save the dates. Cheers lovely and thank you again!

— Karianna Saunders