Skyler and Tyler / Kansas City

This was one of my last weddings of 2018 and I was truly so blessed that Skyler, my dear sweet bride, asked me to shoot it. Both her and her now husband Tyler ( Skyler and Tyler… the best couples names ever) decided to have their wedding on December 8th, because that was the day Skyler’s two grandparents had got married decades before.

Skyler had lost her mom two years before their wedding. Luckily she had Tyler there to help her cope with the sadness of losing someone so special to her. Tyler is one of those selfless people you meet that inspires you to be a better person. The entire day it was so so evident that this wedding was truly the happiest moment of his life and that every day spent with Skyler before that was truly a gift to him. They both are just two incredible humans that I just love so so dearly.

Enjoy their December wedding below.