Tom and Rhiannon / Fresh Air Farms

Have you ever met two people that are just so kind you that you just want to spend so much time around them so you can leave with their good juju? Thats how I feel about Rhi and Tom… literally two of the KINDEST people I have ever met. On their wedding day, I swear to god, a bird could have shit on rhiannon’s dress and she would have been like, “awww, its okay!” LIKE WHAT! TEACH ME HOW TO BE A GOOD PERSON LIKE YOU.

Also, get this… Rhiannon is a cop… A FREAKING COP. How cool is that? I talked to her about what it’s like roaming around prisions and she literally told me that she likes to hear their stories to understand how they got to where they are now… To which I though, “is there a way to clone you so basically thousands of Rhiannon’s can guard the streets and the jails?”

Tom is Korean and showed me what a Korean smile is. Basically you just awkwardly stand and frown .. which I love. You’ll see it in his portraits, its honestly so posh.

Okay, I know I’m rambling but I’m writing this while I watch an Iliza Shesinger stand up and she’s talking shit about women that want to be mermaids and I am currently laughing so hard my laptop has almost fell off my lap.