Tyler and Jessica's Wichita Mountains Engagement Session

Last year Jessica reached out to me in one of the best ways you could reach out to a photographer. Telling me that she loved my work and wanted to immediately book me for her wedding. As a wedding photographer and small business owner I put so much integrity and time into making my work and my business stand out, so when I get people that truly value me and aren't just shopping for the best deal, I just want to virtually give them the biggest hug and tell them thank you for making me feel like all my hard work is paying off. 

Jessica is having her wedding in Oklahoma City, OK but I decided to make a drive from Kansas City over to the Wichita Mountains for their engagement session. I don't know if any of you have ever heard of the Wichita Mountains before, but they are a hidden gem of the midwest for sure. We planned for a day in April to beat the cold and even get some blooming plants. Seriously, we strategized the shit out of this thing. Nothing was going to stand in our way from making these engagements epic AF.

Lets back up for a minute, and let me take you to last weekend when I was taking said engagement photos. We woke up early that morning because, you know, gotta catch all that good sunrise light. But instead woke up to heavy winds, single degree weather, and hailing. If you don't know the midwest at all, just know that the weather here is shit. One day it'll be beautiful 70 degree weather, and the next it'll be 30 and shitty. Don't ask me how, I'm just pretty convinced the weather gods hate us. 

Jessica and Tyler, who came prepared with some many cute spring outfits, assured me that they were going to be okay while shooting. I stood there looking at Jessica's bare legs and thought, alright.. lets do this! We pull up to where the hike up the mountain starts and made our decent towards the top. I remember saying, "Hey guys, I think its getting warmer! I definitely don't feel as cold anymore." But the second we got about 3/4's a mile up the almighty hell gods came in and blasted us with winds and hail that literally put us on our asses. 

Jessica, my sweet sweet Jessica, literally shed her jacket and pants to shoot on these mountains. And her fiance Tyler was in nothing but jeans and a long john tee. I watched them shiver together as I tried my best to direct them through my own shaking. My hands were so cold even with gloves on that I could barely click my shutter. Eventually we couldn't take it anymore, and made out way back to Jessica's car to warm up. 

We spent the rest of the morning driving around the mountains with me telling them where to park, us getting out in one minute increments to shoot, and then running back to the car to warm up. It was honestly pretty fun from this point on, especially when Jessica found a hidden passage way that lead up up some pretty tall rocks so we could see a good view of the area. 

"Guys, we're gonna look back on this day and laugh," I kept saying as we drove away from the mountains. That was such a rough shoot, and I seriously can't believe how much Jessica and Tyler trooped it out. They are rockstars and if you ever see them walking around OKC then you need to give them a high five.. don't even tell them why. Just give them a high five and walk away.. lol I'm kidding, thats a little creepy, don't do that.