Vanessa and CJ / Leavenworth Kansas

Two Saturday's ago I got to shoot the wedding of one of my favorite humans I have ever met. Vanessa emailed me early 2017 about her Leavenworth Kansas wedding that was over a year in advance away. Immediately she made me feel valued and complete as she complimented my work and woo'd me with her intoxicating personality. She is so genuine and full of life, I honestly just wanted us to be forever homies after I met her.

I asked my gal pal Britt Crowe to shoot this wedding with me, and together we crushed it. Seriously, I edited over 2,500 photos of Vanessa's wedding to give to her. We were both so stoked on how beautiful it all was... but also more stoked on the fact that Vanessa fed us cake from her bare hands as she cut her cake. It was one of the more intimate moments of my life.

Scroll if you wanna get the feels from this day.