Will and Julie Old Town Phuket Couples Session

Hello from Thailand!

I am so happy to be back in this beautiful and affordable country! I was here last year and I left already planning on coming back the next year, and here I am sitting in my hotel room in Bangkok writing a blog post about my latest trip! Kansas City is great and all, but I need an ocean and good scenery to balance myself out.

When I made plans to travel back to Thailand late last year I put it on myself to book as many sessions as possible. Thailand is unlike any place in the world, and it would be crazy to not take photos there. So I started my trip in Phuket, a beach town on the coast of Thailand, and found a couple of lovers in need of some documentation. My first session is of Julie and Will who are currently teaching English while traveling the world. #GOALS. Julie is from America and Will is from Australia, they met here in Old Town Phuket and have been obsessed with each other ever since. 

Our day consisted of us taking in the beautiful small town of Phuket. The colors reminded me of all the movies I've seen that take place in Cuba. It was such a unique spot and I was drooling over all the pictures I was able to make. We took it slow so we could chat and take in the area and ended with happy hour mojitos at a little bar in the area before I watched them take off on a motorbike back to their side of the town.

Check out our session below!