Post Christmas, but still in Wonderland

I am always wanting to adventure when I am not working. It's my way of being active since I'm not the biggest gym rat or social butterfly. I appreciate very much my alone time, and sometimes that gets the best of me when I'm sitting on my couch watching season after season of Buffy the Vampire Slayer on netflix (whoops). 

I love my dear friends Joe and Brianna. Joe is such a daredevil and will take you to the most terrifying but amazing views of Kansas City. Brianna is just as brave, lucky for Joe; her beau. Whenever I wanna adventure I'm always hitting these two up. It usually goes like this:

Me: Hey, brunch and photo? (Sends millions of pinterest inspiration photos)

Me: Please say yes.

This last week we decided to brace the cold and find a view! Here are pictures from our day!