Ben + Joni

I can't remember if it was three or four years ago, but that was the time I stepped into Alchemy coffeehouse for the first time. It just opened, and you could tell. Everything was new; the space was bare, the menu was limited, and all you could see was the seven foot tall shop owner ready to make you a tasty chocolate almond milk cold brew.

Now when you walk into Alchemy you see Joni, the also-seven-foot-tall fairy goddess hustling around the shop ready to make you the best breakfast sandwich you've ever had. Then you see Ben with a kettle in each hand, pouring over some freshly grounded coffee beans. Every so often you'll see them talk business together and end it with a few kisses and a bear hug. Talk about #relationshipgoals.

Saying I grew up with this shop is a bit of an over statement, because its only been present in my life for such a short period of time. But I certainly did spend almost everyday of the last half of my college days here. Poor Joni and Ben listened to all my gossip, my bad days, my boy problems, you name the rest. Now that I am a 45 minute drive away from my coffee sanctuary, I feel that a chunk of my heart was left in Joni's bakery waiting for a bite of her sea salt cookies again.

When Joni contacted me last week about an impromptu engagement shoot as a surprise for her fiancee Ben I immediately was like "YES PLEASE." We walked around, they goofed off, and then we sat by the river and drank wine. It was pretty freaking awesome.