The Eater Bunny came and gave me an invite to my favorite wedding to date : Josh + Nicki

"How was your Easter?" My coworkers asked me while we small-talked in the office hallway this morning. "The best freaking Easter I’ve ever had," I tell them. They light up, taken aback by my enthusiasm, and ask me why.

The story starts with a text message sent to me by my dear friend Nicki. “When can we get together? I have a lot of things to catch you up on,” she wrote. When I responded with my busy schedule, Nicki sent me another text that read, "Okay well I'm just going to go ahead and let you know. Josh and I are getting married this Sunday at Knuckleheads. Will you be in town?" My jaw dropped... what did she just say?!

Fast forward to Easter Sunday. I met Josh and Nicki a few hours early to try and help arrange the decorations. The venue is a rock-and-roll concert spot, where pictures of the worlds greatest musicians flood the walls with barely any space in-between. Nicki, a singer/songwriter, has sung there many times before. The couple that owns the Gospel Lounge, the area where the ceremony took place, are what I’d like to call “ordained rockers.” I giggle as I pass an Elvis statue on my way up the stairs to see the bride – it was all so unconventional, but incredibly accurate for the personalities of the bride and groom.

As we drink white wine straight from the Barefoot bottle, we chat, giggle, and help each other get ready. Nicki puts gel in my hair in an effort to maintain the unkempt pieces around my face, while I force her to put more mascara on her lashes. It was like getting ready for prom, except way more relaxed. I have never been to a wedding where a bride is so chill. All her sisters eventually join us upstairs to watch as she puts on her two-piece dress before she was ready to make her way down the aisle.

Meanwhile, Josh is downstairs greeting guests; excited to surprise Nicki with the color of his suit. It was burgundy, and it went perfectly with his long fire-red hair that was tied back in a massive man bun. He looked pretty dapper to say the least. 

The wedding was spontaneous and beautiful. No one was worried about a schedule, getting the traditional photos, making sure the food and the decorations were set up in a Pinterest worthy fashion. All that really mattered to the bride and groom, and their families, was that they were going to spend forever together from this day on.

I sobbed behind my camera as they said their vows. As Josh kissed her and lifted her hand in the air after and yelled, "THIS IS MY WIFE!” The small crowd cheered and whistled in response before Josh and Nicki proceeded to take their first dance. I watched as they sang their song to each other while they swayed back and forth, as if there wasn’t even a crowd not even 5 feet away from them. When the song began to digress in volumn, Nicki was lifted in the air and spun in circles while Josh smiled at her euphorically. It was the happiest I have ever seen him.

I love this pair so very much. They are such an ideal vision of what a loving and loyal relationship looks like. Their fondness towards each other is so tender and endearing. When you meet them and see how much they compliment each other, you will leave serendipitous to the thought that love could ever be that powerful.

I look forward to being inspired by them as their marriage progresses. 

*lifts glass and wipes away tear from face*

Cheers to the happiest of couples and their lifelong journey of togetherness!