Jacalyn + Michael

Meeting a couple for the first time is a super nerve-racking thing for me. What if they don't like me? What if they hate how I do things? What if they think I'm weird and therefore feel uncomfortable letting me pose them? All of these questions come to mind with my first shoot with a new couple. Though most wouldn't believe it, I am actually a very shy person until I feel comfortable around whom ever I'm surrounded by. I'm always worried about what to say and talk about, and find myself struggling to filling in the gaps in pauses between conversation. Seriously, my worst nightmares are job interviews! How does one get over such a fear? (If you have any good advice on that then for sure leave me a comment below!)

When I met Jacalyn and Michael I immediately felt comfortable and welcomed by them. They were just so thrilled to be there with me and in front of my camera. We all hit it off right away and that made a HUGE difference with how their engagements turned out. They were so comfortable with loving on each other openly it was almost a breeze. I was sad when our light was leaving us because I thought I could photograph these guys for forever.

They get married this year in Iceland! What a dream. I wish them the best of the best in all of their future.

Check out our evening full of giggles and kisses below!