Total Eclipse Of The Heart

Jessie and Liz have been together for years. They were best friends before officially becoming each others person. Currently they are still best friends, but they have a love for one another that is so fun, tender, and rooted. They are peanut butter and jelly, fries and ketchup, Ron and Hermione, and all the other things that go perfectly together.

When they were telling me about their wedding I immediately was like, "Wait... I need to shoot this. I really think I NEED to." They wanted to get married on the day of the Solar Eclipse, in a sunflower field, by a shaman, with their dog as a groomsman, and Jessie specifically wanted to wear an all white suit. I've never been to a wedding like this before. It was pouring like crazy early that morning, which added some stress to us, but as we waited it turned into the most beautiful weather and sky. It was so easy and fun. It was like the wedding from Braveheart, and I totally wanted to cry happy tears.

Here are some pics from their wild day..