Rainy Wedding Day Feels

Kevin and Paige tied the knot on one of the rainiest days I have ever experienced in the midwest. Of course, it was a beautiful outdoor ceremony and reception, but the rain didn't stop them from moving forward and enjoying the day.

They were the most happy of humans this day. They weren't worried about getting wet, slipping, getting their hairs ruined, or any of the other things people obsess about on their wedding. They just laughed and embraced the flaws in the weather. 

This might be crazy, but I feel like the storm made this wedding so much more fun! People were literally dancing in the rain barefoot, it was so freeing and wonderful. There were so many smiles, laughs, and hugs. I am truly so honored to have been not only present, but to have been their photographer. This day proved to me that weddings are so much more than pretty dresses, perfect hair, and an Instagram worthy reception. Kevin and Paige were just so stoked to be married. It was so apparent by the way they laughed and smiled at each other all day. I'm not exaggerating when I say that they truly looked like the happiest couple I have ever seen.

Check out pictures from Kevin and Paige raining and perfect wedding!