MT. Charleston Lovers. Allie and Nate Adventurous Couples Session

If you ever text me and say, "Hey, I rented a cabin in the mountains, can we do a photo session there?" I will 100% say yes! I love adventures, I love trekking through the forest for spots, and I love curling up by a fireplace with hot cocoa while enjoying the log cabin ambiance. That's what my day was like yesterday. I met up with Allie and Nate in their cabin that was high up in the MT. Charleston Mountains and took pictures of them just being completely in love. We curled up in their giant bed, we laughed as I awkwardly straddled them, and then we drove up and down the mountains trying to find the most perfect overlook. It was a pretty adventurous day that made me so happy to have clients that are down to laugh and get a little dirty. 

Check out the session below!