Everything you'd need to know!


How long does it usually take to get my engagement / wedding album?

In my contract it’ll say 2 weeks for engagements and 4-6 weeks for weddings, but I am quick AF and usually have engagements done in 2 days and weddings done within a week or two. I know you are excited for your galleries and I’m excited to give them to you, so I promise to have a quick turn around.



Do we get the raw images that you don’t edit?

You won’t get any of the raw images that I take that aren’t edited. The files are too big for us to even put in a flash drive and honestly, you’re going to be more obsessed with the 800ish pics I send you that are edited. Also, for the safety of my business I keep my raw files to myself so I don’t have to worry about anyone editing and claiming the images as their own. I gotta be safe guys! This business is my child and I need to protect it the way any mother would!

Holly Mills Kansas City Smithville Engagement Session 147.jpg

My S.O. and I are really awkard in front of the camera, is that something that you can work with?

Oh man, I get all the time, "Emmmmmma, we're like sooooo awkward! Pleaseeee Helpp!" Guys, I am also so awkward in front of the camera! If I don't have solid direction then I basically just stand there with a dumbfounded look on my face. Or if I get direction that feels weird to me and who I am, I just freeze. I want these photos to be the most accurate representation of who you guys are. Which is why I put it on myself to make sure you feel comfortable and that you have a good freaking time. Taking photo's shouldn't be a chore, it should be something that you look forward to. You get to snuggle with your human for an hour and a half, why wouldn't you be stoked?! I'll bring music, maybe a handle of Jameson (or whatever booze of your choice), and some really stupid dad jokes. You just bring yourselves and forget all that awkward crap you were worrying about before. I promise, I GOTCHO BACK!


Can we chat before booking to make sure we are a good fit?

ABSO-FREAKING-LUTLEY! I actually prefer if we do because I want you to be totally confident in who you are booking. Plus, you can then ask me all the wedding questions that aren’t photo related! I have great recommendations for dresses, florals, catering, and other awesome wedding vendors.



Can I see some of your full wedding galleries before we decide to book?

Yes! Just send me an email saying,”Girl I wanna see yo shit!” (lol or whatever your equivalent to that is) and I will send over my most currently full galleries for you to review. I actually hope you do ask me this question because I really wanna impress you!


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Can we bring our dogs to our engagement session?

I get this question a lot and the answer will always be, "OMFG YES BRING YOUR DOG OMG OMG OMG!"

Please bring your dog, I want to meet it and take all the pics of you snuggling the shit out of it. Then after your session i can take selfies with it and I'll be so happy!


Do you travel to places outside of Kansas City?

Please, dear god, give me all the reasons to travel. I will literally go anywhere with you... I mean, as long as its not North Korea or some crazy shit like that then COUNT ME IN. I am always down for the adventure. I even give special rates for destination weddings, so hello... HOLLA AT ME!