So you wanna book me?! *Insert happy dance here* 

That’s freaking awesome. This might be one of the best decisions you could ever make! (right behind ordering the buffalo chicken mac at Noodles & Co) Let me tell you why though.

Your wedding photos are some of the only tangible things you walk away with after your day. Scary right? I hear it time and time again, “We didn’t think we would care about the photos so we hired Peter-Parker-with-the-cool-camera to take our photos and they are awful.” Your wedding is not a day you can do over… unless you have an obscene amount of money or have a time machine - in which case YOU GO GIRL. These are photos that you are going to show your kids when they grow up and photos you are going to reminisce on when you are 80+ years old.

The money you spend on quality coverage of your day will never be something that you regret.


We got married in the fall of 2017 and Emma was instrumental in our wedding day being the most memorable day of our lives thus far.
Caroline and Jacob-7.jpg

The Pricing

Engagements start at $600

Kansas City weddings start at $4000

Out of State weddings start at $4000 + Travel Expenses

International weddings - I do custom pricing.

Photo booth starting at $1000/4 hrs


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