EMMA WAS UNDOUBTEDLY THE BEST DECISION I MADE FOR MY WEDDING. My wedding was perfect and seamless and luckily, everything went to plan. All my vendors were great; the food, dj, rentals etc etc were fantastic. But by far, Emma was our best decision. 

We sifted through hundreds of photographers websites and instagram pages before coming across Emma. Before even contacting her, I had already fallen in love with her work. We loved her unique, candid, happy style. Her work seemed authentic and from her blurb on her website, I could already tell she was a fun-loving, happy person who was in love with her job. I contacted her straight away, she wrote back instantly and we organised a Facetime call a few days later (as my wedding was organised from overseas). My husband and I were on the phone to her for over an hour, chatting about our wedding and our vision and soon just about life and fun stuff. 

On the day of our wedding, Emma came with a huge smile on her face, open arms and so much excitement to start capturing the day. We had an instant connection and I felt like I had known her forever. She was easy going and so much fun to be around, but at the same time was able to arrange family and friends and tell everyone where they needed to be, in order to get the perfect shot. You need a photographer that can steer big groups of excited (drunk) people, while being friendly and upbeat and happy. She made us all laugh when taking photos and made me feel so special. Despite it being her billionth wedding, she was emotional during the sappy parts and it made my husband and I feel like she was there with us and no where else. It was not a job for her. She was in the moment and so happy to be there. She was so loved by all my family and friends. Everyone kept coming up to me and saying "omg your photographer is amazing!" 

After the wedding, at the airport on my way home from our honeymoon, I could not believe it when I received an email from Emma saying all our photos were ready for download. LESS THAN 2 WEEKS AFTER THE WEDDING!!!! I sat in the airport, and cried happy tears going through the photos. They were more than I could have ever dreamed. Emma captured moments of the wedding that were a perfect glimpse in time and a perfect record of the emotion and happiness that filled the room. Everything that I wanted captured, she captured and so much more. Its been a few weeks since the wedding, and I'm still going through the photos everyday, re-living it and noticing new things all the time. 

I learnt that on your wedding day, the people around you are so important. My day was surrounded by happy, loving people. Emma was the best decision we made. I wish we could do it all again. If you dont hire Emma, you're actually crazy.