Kansas City Based Destination Wedding Photographer


Your wedding photos should hit you right in the feels. LUCKY FOR YOU - that's exactly what mine do. I aim to take photos that will make you cry, laugh, or, at the very least, deliver a considerable amount of "oohs" and "ahhs" from your moms. I want your photos to show exactly who you are. So if you’re the kind who cries through your vows, then my camera and I will be there to catch those tears and throw you a tissue (don’t worry, I got you dude). If you’re the kind of couple that gets the crowd together for group shots, well . . ., first of all I want in because I love me some tequila, but I'll be there to capture you screaming, “Yasss bitches, SHOTS!” (or whatever you say when you’re drunk AF at your own party). If your hubby decides last minute to shove your wedding cake all up in your face, guess what? Yep, I'll be there to document you shoving that shit right back because he will never know how hard it is to get those false eyelashes to stick on in the first place. Am I right, ladies?! Those photos are the ones that I know matter to you, and those (plus hundreds more) are the ones I’m going to give you. On your big day all I want for you is to live in the moment—the stunning, kick-ass moment(s) documented by me.



luttrellstown Castle Wedding

Karl + Britt

Romantic Kansas City Wedding

Jordan + Shelby

Wedding at Malibu Rocky Oaks

David + Katrina


For my engaged KC peeps

Do you cringe at the thought of another prom pose in front of the Kauffman center or Loose Park? Cool, same. I do what I do because I want to capture you as you. Whether that’s looking posh AF as you strut the streets of Downtown Kansas City or make your way through the burger line at Town Topic (y'all, I am always down for those Lady and the Tramp food pics). I’m here to give you some straight up GOLD because no one wants bronze medal pics on their wedding day. You need someone you can trust, and you can stop looking because girl—ayy yoooo! I'm right here!

Oh, you're here for a destination wedding photographer?

Perfect, Your girl is down to travel anywhere (except maybe like North Korea or the Bermuda Triangle. Preferably I would like to come back in once piece). Whether you want Queen Elsa vibes on top of an icy mountain or your dude wants to feel like Dirty Harry on top of a roof, then YO, let me give you some straight up photo magic.


All the feels