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I totally get that there are a million different choices in Kansas City for your potential wedding photographer; that’s not including all the other options on planet Earth. I read a statistic that couples go through an average of 72 different wedding photography sites before making a decision. SEVENTY-TWO. Let me say, DAMN GIRL - you dedicated to the cause! This decision is one of the hardest ones you should make for your big day and you should find someone you trust to give you straight up GOLD. SOLID GOLD. No one wants bronze medal quality photos hanging on their walls and I ain’t giving them to you.

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So for all my KC peeps, I want you to know I got this shit on lock. If you said, “Emma girl, I want a photographer that isn’t going to make me stand awkwardly on the bridge at Loose Park or make me prom pose in front of the Kauffman Center” I would say that I got you because I know Kansas City like the back of my hand and can truly take you somewhere that is perfect for you and your crew. I specialize in knowing all the cool places to take shots - and when I say shots I mean tequila…. juuust kidding… but not really if you’re into it…? I can make you look posh as hell as you make your way through the streets of KC or even through the line at Town Topic. Whatever it is, I got a game plan that’s going to blow your freaking minds.
For my destination squad, I'm a badass Google searcher and part time detective when it comes to finding those top notch locations. I usually show up to a destination no less than a day before so I can rent a car and explore the area to give you that local experience. Trust me, I want those dope ass shots just as much as you do. I’ll be the Aladdin to your Jasmine (minus the make-out session at the end) and give you a customized session based on your location, vibe, and vision. If you want Queen Elsa vibes on top of a mountain or your dude wants to feel like Dirty Harry on top of a roof, then YO, I’m your girl and I’m going to give you some straight up magic for your walls.
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You’ve probably spent hours, maybe years, planning your dream wedding on Pinterest.

Don’t be ashamed – you and every bride / groom-to-be! But guess what? whatever inspiration you found for your wedding album is only a fraction of the awesomeness I am going to give you. I want you to know I’ve got your back (your front, your side and your best angle) and will make sure your wedding pics are the best ever! You’ve put in all the effort, let me take it from here. Full disclosure: I’m going to deliver photos that hit you straight in the feels. I aim to make you cry – joking! But really, these photos should either make you tear-up as you recall your first look, laugh so hard at your drunken reception party that beer comes out of your nose or at the very least invoke an insufferable amount of “oohs and ahhs”. Your photos should show exactly who you are, so if you’re the kind of couple that gets down on the dance floor, then you best believe I’m going to be in that hot mess of a dance floor capturing that shit. If you and your wedding party are taking group tequila shots then I want to be there to well, to take a shot with you because that sounds fun, but also to get your squished up shot taking faces! If your hubby decides last minute to shove your wedding cake all over your expensive wedding day makeup, guess what? You guessed it, I'll be there to document you shoving that shit right back at him. Those photos are the ones that I know matter to you, and those (plus hundreds more) are the ones I’m going to give you. On your big day all I want for you is to live in the moment - the stunning, kick-ass moment(s) that will be documented by me.

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