Capturing the raw and authentic. Always looking for the moments in between.  Where there are tears, uncontrollable laughter, and complete bliss. This is what I am about, and what i want you to see 50 years from now...
My motto is that photos should tell a story. They should give you the feels and sometimes make you cry. My mission everytime I shoot a wedding is to capture the moments that will make you gasp, tear up, and laugh. 
— - Linda McCartney

"Emma did an incredible job capturing every single memorable moment of this special day. It is now 2 weeks after our wedding and I find myself reliving this perfect day through Emma's work. I absolutely love the photos of myself getting ready with my bridesmaids. I know the wedding party felt extremely comfortable with her leading and direction throughout the day. In addition, Emma joined us on the party bus and captured some of my now favorite moments with my husband and closest friends."

 Martin and Lindsay's Kansas City Glamorous Wedding at Cava

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 Tyler and Skyler's Missouri Engagement Session

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 Jordan and Natalie's Las Vegas Engagement Session

Jordan + Natalie New Years Eve Love Story

 Nate and Allie's Mount Charleston Engagement Session

Nate + Allie's Mount Charleston Session

 Luke and Ashtyne's York, Nebraska December Wedding

Luke + AshtynE Rural Nebraska Wedding

 Aaron and Ashlea's New Year's Eve wedding in Las Vegas

Aaron + Ashlea's New Years Eve Wedding

 Emma Johnson Kansas City Wedding Photographer


Oh hey! Nice to meet you!


I'm Emma Johnson, a full-time adventurer, traveler, thrill seeker, and wedding photographer. I document couples all over the world and spend the rest of my time either riding my motorcycle, surfing the California coast, or trying to find someone to skydive with me. I am consistenly looking for new places to travel and would prefer to be anywhere other than home most of the time. I love experiencing new kinds of living, new cultures, and meeting new people. I feel like my body doesn't need sleep, and I am perfectly happy waking up at 4 am for long drives to Disneyland or even to catch a plane ride. Just pass me a 5-hour energy and a fancy cup of Ethiopian coffee and I am good to go! I'm an avid camper and will probably choose to sleep in the back of the truck bed instead of a tent. I love waking up to the early am smells and sounds, and I am a sucker for a good sunrise. I have a mouth like a sailor that I try to control, but really it gets worse with age, and the more I'm around my biker gal pals. My life Moto is "Nothing is guaranteed, especially another day existing, so do all things that make your soul happy and live the most lively of lives." 

The reason I am so passionate about being a wedding photographer is because I love building relationships with new people, and telling a story through understanding that relationship. It's important me for me to capture your story just as it is, because I think it is so amazing that you found the person that you want to spend forever with. I want to document why you are forever eternal and what makes you guys tik. I want lovers to look back at these photos 30 or 50 years from now and be like, "Yes! That is totally us! Remember when we danced all night to Beyonce and popped bottles of champagne all over us?!" The real and the raw moments are the ones I live for.

I want to jump in the air in excitement on your big day, I want to hear your  stories of when you knew you were in love, and I want to be an extra set of hands while you plan the most special day of your lives. If you aren't near the midwest, thats okay! Because I want to travel to you and bring my eye and my enthusiasm with me!

I care more about being your friend than your client so expect to meet up for cocktails and talk about life when we first meet. Planning a wedding is already so stressful and I want to be your cheerleader as you put together all the pieces of your day!