Your wedding is the most special day of your life, and I'm so excited to capture it. I like to party, and I know you like to party, so let’s become friends and I'll show you just how epic your day was.
“Always felt like my vision been bigger than the bigger picture.”
— Drake (Yes, Drake is my inspiration. Sorry not sorry)

You’ve probably spent hours, maybe years, planning your dream wedding on Pinterest. Don’t be ashamed – you and every bride-to-be! Weddings aren’t cheap and they sure as hell aren’t easy to plan. As your wedding photographer, I want you to know that I care about how much time and dough you’re spending to make your day memorable. I want you to look back at your wedding day and think, “Holy shit we threw a baller ass wedding, babe! #WORTHIT” I want you to know that as your photographer I’ve got your back (your front, your side and your best angle) and will make sure everything looks perfect. You’ve put in all the effort, let me take it from here. On your big day I want you to stop stressing about the little things and live in the moment - the stunning, kick-ass moment(s) documented by me.

Full disclosure: I’m going to deliver photos that hit you straight in the feels. I aim to make you cry – joking! But really, these photos should either make you tear-up as you recall your first look, laugh so hard at your drunken reception party that beer comes out of your nose or at the very least invoke an insufferable amount of “oohs and ahhs”. Your photos should show exactly who you are, so if you’re the kind of couple that gets down on the dance floor, then you best believe I’m going to be in that hot mess of a dance floor capturing that ish. If your mom is crying during the father-daughter dance, she better be ready because I’m going to be there. If your hubby decides last minute to shove your wedding cake all over your expensive wedding day makeup, guess what? You guessed it, I'll be there to document you shoving that shit right back at him. Those photos are the ones that I know matter to you, and those (plus hundreds more) are the ones I’m going to give you. And if you’re sitting there thinking, “But Emma, my SO and I aren’t that cool” you better believe I’m going to get the shots that prove otherwise. If you like what you see or need a little more convincing, hit me up - let’s become friends and we can talk about how I can get you some dope ass wedding photos!

"Emma did an incredible job capturing every single memorable moment of this special day. It is now 2 weeks after our wedding and I find myself reliving this perfect day through Emma's work. I absolutely love the photos of myself getting ready with my bridesmaids. I know the wedding party felt extremely comfortable with her leading and direction throughout the day. In addition, Emma joined us on the party bus and captured some of my now favorite moments with my husband and closest friends."
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